Lifeline Care Child 30 twist-off 6 pack

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6 package! Lifeline Care INFANT is god for children of between 4 weeks and 3 years old. One twist-off capsule per day will ensure that your child has the recommended daily intake of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. Lifeline Care products is only for shipping out of Norway. Lifeline Care 宝宝 30 拧开胶囊 免运费. 应用:Lifeline Care儿童保证你的宝宝或幼儿得到官方推荐的数量的欧米伽-3脂肪酸和维生素D以保持健康的生活。记得咨询你的医生。用量:推荐每日摄入:一个拧开胶囊通常足够保持你的宝宝的健康。警告和副作用:不要超过每日推荐的摄入量。营养品不应当用于代替多样化的饮食。保持多样和均衡的饮食与健康的生活方式是很重要的。 Lifeline care宝宝是一种营养补充品。