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about us

Hello, My name is Emil Shamloo and I am the owner of my company.

My job in this family business is to be webmaster, driver, do packing and customer support.
We are a small family business located in Norway / Oslo, Our goal is to serve our customers the best service they deserve.

Me and my wife started our business almost 15 years ago in Oslo and after 5 years in 2007 I felt a need in the market to be on line. I found there are a lot of people around the world that need Norwegian product. Therefore I bought Since then we are serving our dearest customers. We have had a lot of business-turbulence. I am proud of telling you that our small company is still alive and serves our customers today. We have many thoughts in future to give our better services, just wait and see :-)

Our customers are coming from different part of the world.

We have friends / customers from USA, China, All of Europe, Indonesia, Mexico ... Are you one of our dearest existing customers or are you planning to join us and be our friend soon? Either ways you are welcome and I am eager to hear about your needs. If you have not decided to buy from us, you can read more what our previouse customers have to say about us by clicking the References. Or please, go ahead and click in our social network like facebook, twitter or google+ Or directly contact me and tell me what can I help you?

If you allready know what you want, then you can register here.

Talk to you soon :-)

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